Love stories in the shadows

I write love stories and paranormal romances that have bite. They're not sweet stories—the kind that make you roll your eyes. Instead, lust and danger are bedfellows. No, I promise I won't write the kind of story where the hero applies moisturiser every morning and the heroine has trouble making herself coffee because she's that in love with him. The stories I write are full of conflict. Try out the one below and see what you think.

Returning home

In our makeshift corner room, just metres away from Martin Place Square, I told Signa she would find me when she took her last breath, so she closed her eyes and pushed a smile across her face.

Everything about her, from the way her hips curved to her legs, to the way her soft breasts often bulged in my hands, she made me want to press against her now and run a single finger down her throat, until I heard her whimper my name. But I couldn't. Not now. Not out here.

Closing my eyes too, I pressed my ear to my open hand. That way, the loud pings and lights of the pedestrian crossing almost vanished.

Cold liquid had washed the bitter tablets down. Since I wanted to arrive before she did, I raised the bottle to my lips again.

‘Hold me, Tane,’ she whispered.

‘Shh.’ I rose in the sleeping bag to kiss her brow, acknowledging silently the business suit laughing, walking past and holding hands with another suit as they talked about their Bali trip.

I flopped beside Signa, flat on my back. Squeezing my eyes shut, I turned over so that the chill from the pavers seeped through my sleeping bag to cool my front.

Pound, pound, pound. The sound of death took me; the sound of my heart blared because it finally rested. Grey turned to black, and the street pavers no longer made me shiver.

When the inky colour of death stood stagnant before me, I resigned myself to the fact that our rightful place had no need of light.

Signa had not arrived yet; I was pretty sure. I waited, knowing she might be distraught when she got here.

Flash. Blinding white light. It burst onto the black canvas like a spotlight in the night. It didn't fade.

‘Tane?’ Her voice, pure but tremulous, struck the darkness like a whip.

‘Signa?’ I called. Though, neither of us had breath or an actual voice.

‘Tane. What is this place?’

‘We're home, Signa. This is my home.’

‘Home,’ she repeated. Her light drew closer; I felt her warmth melt the chill within. She seeped, poured and wound nearer, as though she were the sun caressing the horizon in the morning.

I drew closer to her light too, engulfing her, surrounding her, until I parted her soul like the folds of a white curtain, using my own grey hands. She sighed when I entered her sweet smelling soul of spicy lavender.

‘Mmm,’ I murmured, as I pulsed and rocked within her.

‘Tane,’ she whispered. Her warmth tempered the chill. The dark was no longer dark. She’d made it so blisteringly bright.

Yet, even so, I could see speckles of light, like stars. I shook, though I was no longer cold. ‘There's no more cold, bitter street. Only this, Signa. Only this.’ I kissed her from within.

Her being swelled; I felt it as we grew hot.

‘We're home, Tane. I never want this to stop.’

‘It won't. We made it, home.’

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Love is a difficult human process to describe. To write romance, we also write about other human emotions like pride, fear, grief and obsession. We write about primal urges. So if you also write, you might identify with my own journey to read and write about love.